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4th December 2021 

scrapbooking, journalling and keepsakes

Have you a story to tell, wisdom to pass on to family members... someone special? Perhaps you're holding onto tickets, scraps of fabric, letters, labels and photos always meaning to do something with them but never quite getting around to it?

Keeping clothing/items from your children's childhood that you simply can't part with? Would you like to make them into a keepsake to give as a gift or have in your home? *

Would you like to use art materials, writing, poetry, painting, etc. to create a journal, diary, scrapbook or keepsake box /item which holds memories? It can be a gift to give someone , the simple capture of a story or a powerful way to process life's experiences and move on. Equally it can simply be a fun activity shared with friends

Come along to a session and be guided to create a keepsake. Bring some friends and make a day or evening of it.
* Handmade items also made to order

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