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16th January 2018 

A creative and personal journalling service where you will go away with a unique book or memory box using an array of materials

Do you have a personal story, event, holiday or special occasion that you'd like to capture as a unique forever-keepsake?
Could you benefit from a place in which to transform your ideas into something you can give as a gift, keep forever and share with others?
Within a one-to-one or small group setting you get to bring your ideas and mementos, use a range of exciting media such as beautiful cardstock, paints and dyes, motifs, fonts, stamps plus tools such as die cutters and handstamps.
You will be supported with your design and layout and given the opportunity to explore your, thoughts, feelings and ideas and create dialogue that you wish to include in your keepsake.
This service provides the opportunity for making an important gift or for consolidating a life-event.
I will also be on hand to help you to focus on future goals if working on this project helps you to move on from a particular life episode.

My name is Lynda and I have been a support-worker, Occupational Therapy Instructor, Complimentary Therapist and Occupational Therapist over the past two and a half decades. I am committed to providing a relaxing 'place to be' in order to realise creative ideas in a nurturing, confidential and uplifting environment.

I work with both individuals and small groups on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling you to create rewarding, meaningful and beautiful keepsakes.

I am experienced and trained in facilitating therapeutic art/crafts and have experience of working with children, adults, in family learning groups plus many years of experience of working with people with learning difficulties.I have also worked for many years with older people and those with life-limiting illness. All enquiries are assessed carefully by me for suitability. If I feel you would find another service more appropriate I will provide details.

I currently practice in East and West Kent and London

**For Creative Occupational Therapy for Children please click on 'blank' -website currently under construction**