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25th June 2018 
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Creative Occupational Therapy For Children

With my training in occupational therapy I have a particular skill for designing creative activities for children who are having difficulty carrying out tasks of everyday life and/or in their education.
I work with children who have already or are in the process of being assessed by a paediatric occupational therapist and/or speech and language therapist or other appropriate health professional. I offer extra opportunities to practise the skills highlighted from these assessments.
I do not offer those assessments myself currently. I do offer the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure from which issues are prioritised and goals can be set and worked towards.
Activities are focussed, fun and creative using a range of materials and with the child contributing to the planning as much as possible. I bring all my skills from my past work experiences, my training in occupational therapy, counselling and person-centred art therapy and as a complimentary therapist to the activities I provide, using a very large catalogue of resources accumulated over a lifetime.
I also offer classroom support as a teaching assistant as well as support at home and in the community, dependent on risk assessment.
The minimum standard activity session is one hour
Support at school or outside school/at home is tailored to individual need